About me

My name is Pierangelo Sassi and I have been a professional freelance translator since 1998. I started my business as a translator from Dutch to Italian, and later began specializing in “niche” language combinations: in addition to translations from Dutch and Flemish into Italian, I also offer translation services from Swedish to Italian, Norwegian to Italian, and Danish to Italian, and I coordinate translation projects from Italian and English into Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

Translations tailored for your needs

Here are the services I offer:

  • Translations from Dutch to Italian
  • Translations from Flemish (or Belgian) to Italian
  • Translations from Swedish to Italian
  • Translations from Norwegian to Italian
  • Translations from Danish to Italian
  • and, vice versa, from Italian into all of the above languages

My expertise as a specialized translator from Dutch to Italian, Flemish to Italian, Swedish to Italian, Danish to Italian, and Norwegian to Italian, acquired over nearly twenty years of experience, is at your disposal. I personally ensure that each project is executed to the highest quality and that communications always flow smoothly. There are no intermediaries and I always answer emails promptly.

I understand how important it is for you to receive high-quality translations with a quick turnaround time. You can tell me about your needs and expectations from your very first contact: I respond promptly to all queries and ensure rapid turnaround times of all commissioned work. With me you can always count on perfectly executed, fit-for-purpose translations. With me you have no intermediaries to deal with and I never use automatic translation tools. As an individual professional freelance translator, I take an artisanal approach that ensures precise, high-quality work, delivered on-time and tailored to your specific needs. And you can rest assured knowing that confidential documents and intellectual property are always safe with me.

Areas of expertise

As a freelance translator, I assist companies and professionals in various sectors, including law, insurance, accounting, and the notarial profession, as well as private individuals, in their written communication with Benelux and Scandinavia.

For many transactions, public authorities and administrative bodies in both Italy and abroad require the submission of sworn translations. I take care of sworn translations personally, certifying under oath before an officer of the Court that the translated text is a faithful translation of the original. The hard copy folder of the sworn translation provided to the client is thus composed of the original text (also in the form of photocopies), the translation, and the sworn statement.

My translations services from Dutch to Italian, Swedish to Italian, Danish to Italian, and Norwegian to Italian have enabled my clients to:

Commercial and financial sector

  • file with the Chamber of Commerce sworn translations of their financial reports, articles of association, and business registration documents
  • submit tenders with the help of translated tender documentation
  • finalize rental, purchase/sale, leasing and other types of contracts
  • obtain translations of all kinds of certificates

Real estate sector

  • obtain and file sworn translations of contracts for buying/selling or rental of property abroad
  • obtain translations of real estate appraisals for buying/selling

Administrative sector

  • finalize insurance claims and obtain compensation thanks to the translation of medical-legal documentation
  • have foreign documentation translated into Italian for filing with the proper authority

Tax/banking sector

  • obtain translations of tax returns, pay slips and other income documents for various purposes (securing loans, etc.)

Notary sector

  • finalize testate succession proceedings thanks to the translation of wills
  • carry out various types of transactions (amendments to articles of association, sale of company branches, etc.) thanks to translated deeds

Legal sector

  • comprehend and participate in cases pending before Dutch, Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian courts
  • file sworn translations of documents with the registries of Italian courts holding jurisdiction
  • prepare proceedings in foreign courts thanks to translations of judicial summons

Technical sector

  • obtain translations of technical data sheets of products and/or machinery for the target market
  • obtain translations of the technical specifications of e-commerce products for the target market

Medical sector

  • present translated medical reports for insurance claims following accidents
  • facilitate effective communication between physicians

Documentation for vehicles

  • Obtain sworn translations of the registration papers of foreign vehicles and/or floating craft for registration in Italy

Customs sector

  • participate in customs disputes

Contact Me

The cost of each translation varies based on several factors. For a free, non-binding quote, please send me the material you need translated. Every document received is handled with the utmost confidentiality. Contact me for a free quote. You will receive a prompt reply.

How to obtain a free, non-binding quote:
1 contact me by email or phone for your translation costs
2 attach your files for evaluation
3 you will receive a non-binding written quote from me

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